The Cosmological argument of cause and effect is a powerful philosophical tool, which is based on a universal law, applicable in all science and human experience. It leads to the conclusion that there must have been a Creator.

The argument goes like this: in our everyday experiences we observe and know that nothing happens by itself, but rather that everything that happens has a cause. Something cannot come from nothing. For example, suppose you were with a friend and you heard a loud bang, and you said to your friend, “What was that?” and he said, “Nothing, just a bang,” you would know that his answer could not be right, because there cannot be a bang without something causing it. Every effect, the bang in this case, must have a cause.

The effect of the Universe and then all life must have had a cause and the only cause could be a Supernatural Being outside of the universe; the God of the Bible. Then the question may arise, who created God? The answer ; everything that has a beginning has a cause. The universe had a beginning and the First Cause argument applies. God did not have a beginning as He is outside of time. In fact, time started at the instant of creation, so the First Cause argument does not apply to God.


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