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    Three of the many answers you will find in Gary’s book:

    A Defence Of The Bible

    • Is There Any Truth in Other Religions?
    • Is There Scientific Support for the Theory of Evolution?
    • Is There Any Scientific Support for Biblical Creation?

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    • Ruth koester
      April 25, 2020 9:49 am

      Thank you for shaing Biblical truth. If Biology teachers were allowed to use creation combined with science students would understand Biology alot faster & blessed with an understanding of the precious gift of life.

    • One could argue that Christianity does not even need to be true in order for it to give us the coherent framework and sense of community that the West needs in order to thrive. People just have to believe that it is true and be true to it, in order for us to live decent good lives and in order for the West to proud and strong and have self-respect. The west has lost its belief in Christianity, and as a result, it has lost its cultural identity, sense of purpose, and self-respect. It is high we got these things back. We need a huge and permanent resurgence in Christianity.

    • thanks for the article its really interesting. If We Christians are gods chosen people why is their so much greed in the church half the worlds land is owned by the church if there is so much wealth in the church but so much suffering through out the world? Are we responsible for this. Same with paedophilla the church puts in so much money yo fly priests out of the country for protection and millions spent defending them or paying off victims so they don’t go to jail. Are priests exempt from the law because they are closer to god?

      • Thank you for your comment Gresham. We live in a fallen world where bad things happen. Such men as you mention, are not Christians at all and if they do not come to Jesus and ask Him to forgive them, they will die in their sins and suffer its due penalty.


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