Here are some examples of how Gary’s work has helped people around the world and can help you too

Gary, thank you so much for the book. It is explicitly well researched, meticulously documented with colour pictures, pithy (no waffle), interesting and easy to understand. You are to be congratulated on a most worthy document.

Bob McGregor-Skinner
NSW, Australia

This book is important for many reasons and the amount of work you have put into it must have been huge. Because of its style and readability I would rank it higher than several others I have perused. May God bless you in your work.

Jack V.

Dear Gary, I have just finished reading A Defence of the Bible – Second Edition and wanted to thank you for your work. I found it to be succinctly and attractively presented and was pleased to read some of the “new” evidence from recent years. I have read Walt Brown’s work, “In the Beginning” (along with some other works) which also contains much detailed scientific information and some alternative theories for the mechanism of the flood. His work, however, is more detailed and difficult to digest, whereas yours presented a clear overview.

Linton Roe

I just wanted to write you a quick note to say that I have just finished reading your book. It was absolutely incredible! I am sure I will refer to it again and again. I am especially excited about sharing it with one of my work colleagues. He is very interested in Biblical evidence. Your book has come at just the right time and I do not believe in ‘ coincidences.’ This has God’s fingerprints all over it! Thanks so much again Gary. You may never know (this side of heaven) what kind of eternal impact your research and teaching has had on people. I realize that you give all of the credit and glory to Christ, but I truly believe that (name of colleague) and several other seekers of the Truth will still be thanking you 10,000 years from now for the role you played in their journey toward Christ.

Randy McFarland
Indiana, USA

Gary Baxter Thank you so much for your kindness. I got to A Defence of the Bible book yesterday night. I read to detail in the book. And then I share to it for churches, fellowships and friends. If they need to it, I make to copy for them. You are in my prayers.

Win Naing
(a) Robin pegrum

You are a blessing and I appreciate how God is using your passion for Him to help educate and support other Christians. It is becoming more and more important to put into the hands of believers the answers to some of the questions that are being asked about creation, Jesus and religions. Thank you for what you have done in putting together your book. Murray River Baptist Church, Australia.

Steven Maldoff, Pastor
Murray River Baptist Church

Gary I walked into my local Christian Bookshop yesterday, I was running an errand, and was not there to buy. I picked just one interesting book off the shelf which caught my eye, and bought it – ‘A Defence of the Bible.’ It is extremely readable, it gets right to the point, and in just one day I have learned so much. I thank you.

Graham Dull

Hi Gary, I have enjoyed reading your book, “A Defence of the Bible,” and my Sabbath morning reading was the Creation Magazine article featuring your work. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry.

David Trudgett

I already believed that the Bible was the true and accurate Word of God, but I also knew that I couldn’t completely persuade an unbeliever of that fact. I dreaded the thought of being challenged – I simply couldn’t produce any reliable outside evidence. Studying A Defence of the Bible changed the situation entirely. Dr Baxter has made the material in this book both meaningful and memorable, presenting it in a clear and powerful way. As I read chapter after chapter of real, irrefutable evidence, God used this book not only to strengthen my own faith but also to prepare me to share that faith with others. I’m praying that He will use it to bless many others.

Sarah Tesch
Victoria, Australia

As an evangelist, I have encouraged many people to read this book and to utilise it as a resource to answer the hard questions many people put to them. A new Christian, whom I showed this book to last night, was thrilled when he saw it and began telling me how it would help him and assist in his witness to unbelieving friends and family.

James Hood
Evangelist, USA

Thank you so very much for this wonderful book! We are very pleased to show it to anyone who visits our home and appreciates the research and hard work it entailed to complete such a work. Virg and I leave it on our coffee table so we can read it anytime and discuss all the fascinating facts. It’s quite a testimony to everyone about our Lord and His word, our Bible.

Susan Jacobelli
Toronto, Canada

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