Changed Lives

On this site, I provide scientific and archaeological evidence which shows that the Bible is true and trustworthy. However, there is a mountain of evidence which attests to the same thing; changed lives. Each week cases of people who have left their life of drugs and/or alcohol dependence, serial depression and thoughts of suicide to a new life in Christ, cross my desk.

Interestingly, of the many thousands of such people, I have never read, or heard of one single case where such a change has come about by someone embracing atheism.

Mr Eternity

A chronic drunkard, born into abject poverty, turned to God and produced a one-word sermon that reached over two billion people.

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Lee Strobel

Lee Strobel was a hard-line, arrogant and astute investigative journalist with a nose for a good story, as well as being an ardent atheist. His life changed totally when his wife told him that she had become a Christian.

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Pradyuman Pradhan

Pradyuman Pradhan came from a Hindu background and worshipped many idols and demonic spirits. At his house, he kept an idol of the Goddess Kali that he tried to…

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Peter Brocklehurst

These words have been taken from Challenge; Peter Brocklehurst knows the adulation of crowds and the thrill of success – his voice was described by Maestro Vladimir Vais as “better than…

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Chris Hustler: personal testimony

Unfulfilled I did not grow up in a Christian home but rather under the roof of a drunken father. As a rebellious young teen. I found myself a drunkard from an early age. Drinking helped me squandered career…

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Louis Zamperini

From an Olympic competitor to a brutally treated prisoner of war, to a drunkard racked by post-war nightmares to a new life in Christ free from his tormentors; all in the remarkable life of Louis Zamperini.

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Josh McDowell

From an habitually sexually abused child to one of the world’s best and well-known apologetic authors

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Sally Jane

Hypnotist quits after a dark encounter and finds peace and salvation in Jesus.

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Jordan Rogers

Nike’s Brand Manager shares his heroin addiction and jail time before knowing Jesus.

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Nathan Bennison

Despite an extremely difficult life as an adolescent, Nathan Bennison now knows what it means to be loved.…

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Michael Phelps

He had fame and fortune, but Olympic gold medal winning machine; Micheal Phelps, contemplated suicide…

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