This Easter make sure that you buy your chocolate from Lindt or Hilliers as they are about the only major chocolate manufacturers that do not pay the halal tax to Islam.

Since the nineteen eighties, Muslims have been charging food suppliers to pay for the privilege of havingblog-a-defence-of-the-bible-feature-halal the halal symbol (a small sample is shown below) on their products which signifies to Muslims that the food has been prepared in the Muslim tradition and does not contain any ingredient which is unacceptable to them. This has now expanded dramatically to cover all foods, their manufacture and delivery; it also covers the primary production of foods, the slaughtering of animals and every aspect the concerns bringing food of any description to the consumer.

Halal certification has been and is continuing to be applied across the globe and is generating an estimated US$ 3,000,000,000,000 (three trillion dollars) a year for the expansion of Islam.[1] A portion of which may be used to finance terrorism.

So this Easter if you do not want to pay what amounts to a religious tax, do not buy your gifts from Cadbury, Nestle’ or Mars, but rather buy Lindt or Hilliers products, These companies have refused and stood firm and are not allowing themselves to be bullied into paying this tax.

For more information about the full extent of Halal Certification go to:


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  • Sandy Godheart
    January 18, 2018 12:34 pm

    My son ate some cadbury and i realise now that it had halal in it! How do I stop him from turning into a muslim?

    • Thank you for your comment Sandy. The object of the blog was to let people know that when they buy Halal certified products, some of the money they pay goes to support Islam.

  • For chocolate to be halal, it’s just not made with alcohol or animal products…

  • What a group of brainless haters , shame

  • just buy eating something that says halal one wont turn to be a muslim lets all grow up we are educated people and such blog ahh…its shame

    • By the buying of halal certified products means that some of your money goes to supporting Islam and you have no control over how it is spent. We are talking of hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

  • Ather Qureshi
    January 31, 2020 6:45 pm

    Surprised to see people simply following the blogger without even asking for proof of Authentication. How did you know that the money is being sent to fund Terrorist? Did anyone question KosherProducts? or assume money by Certifying Kosher may be going to kill Palestinian Children? Of course Not, because such people are blind and have only tunnel vision. Especially some who have God as part of their names. Kindly see the world with open mind, you will see less trouble.

    • Thank you for your comment Ather. I do not know if the money would be used for terrorism, but it may be as I stated in my article. However, the money goes to a religion whose Holy Book requires believers to kill the infidel (non believers); Koran 8:12 and 9:123. The difference between Halal products and Kosher products is that Kosher products are labelled and the consumer has a choice to purchase or not. This is not always the case with Halal products as some manufacturers try to hide the Halal logo and it does cover a large range of everyday consumer items.

  • Ather Qureshi
    January 31, 2020 6:58 pm

    If you had little bit of God in your heart, you would be ashamed of being part of such hate blog.

  • You know what, we Muslims learn the truth of Islam by studying our own religion and our own Holy Book that is Quran. The Quran is a revelation from the God so do you think we can just simply translate the ayat literally? Of course not. We have our own scholars to exactly know what’s behind the revelation, there must be some incident happened on that time as a reason why Allah reveal that ayat.

    So you just simply “understand” the instructions to “kill the non-believers” without reading the ayat before those are about war that happened on that time?

    It’s about war between the Muslims and non-believers on that time that ayat was revealed as to motivate the Muslims to win the war. It was a war. WAR! So don’t you kill your enemy in the war? No matter the war is about to fight the religion or to fight traitors or kingdom or whatsoever but.. seriously you don’t kill your enemy during the war? Then just what you’re going to do if you’re fighting in a war?

    It’s up to you if you don’t want to buy halal chocolate or you want to promote your non-halal certified products or whatsoever, that is your right.

    But you don’t have the right to translate our Holy Book just according to your own perspective. We Muslims learn the truth of Islam by studying our religion, not by finding fallacies of another religions.

    We respect other religions and believes in this very whole world and never force anyone to be a Muslim or to eat only halal products so just respect the difference and tolerance. It’s a sensitive issue you know to question anothers’ believe especially the Holy Book. Stop promoting something that you doesn’t really know about. That’s the attitude and ethics you should have to live in the world peacefully.

  • Christians cannot eat food that’s offered up unto idols. It’s one of the few dietary rules we have, that and food strangled. Halal Certification process requires that the food be offered up unto idols, the Box god Allah specifically. This is a fact that Muslims don’t advertise any more, as many westerners were uncomfortable with that knowledge. The store in my town used to have a seal at the meat isle proclaiming the sacrifice in the name of Allah. Allah is a big box that the Muslims pray to in mecca several times a day. They all pray in that direction toward their box god. It’s weird, as they don’t believe that they actually worship the box, when they pray to it and worship it.


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