The Bible has been under attack from the time the first documents were written and in recent years the attack has become much more intense and sustained by way of books, magazines, radio, movies documentaries and now the internet. Its contents have been perverted by many including the cults and it is the only religious book to be so attacked in our Western society. However, the Bible unique in all literature and can stand firm for it is intellectually credible and historically defensible as these ten reasons show.


Our universe is highly ordered with galaxies, solar systems, planets and moons, all rotating with perfect symmetry and in harmony. In fact the Greek word for universe is cosmos which means order. Life is incomprehensively complex and every member inter-dependant on other forms of life and its environment in a delicate balance that enables each to survive. For example, if there was no carbon dioxide in our atmosphere there would be no life, if the earth’s orbit around the sun was not close to circular, there would be no life, if our solar system was closer to our galactic centre or further out, no life would exist. There are many such parameters, which, if one was varied only slightly, there would be no life on earth.

There are only two possibilities for the universe and life’s existence, these are:

They were created by a supernatural being


They were created by nothing

The second is illogical and there is no third.[1]

Interestingly, a Supernatural Being has contacted us and told us that it was He who created everything. Also, He told us how and in what order He did it; we can read about it in the Bible; Genesis chapters 1& 2. The reason He did it, was because it pleased Him.[2]


DNA is the most efficient information storage system in the universe. The amount of information that could be stored in a pinhead’s volume of DNA is equivalent to a pile of paperback books 500 times as high as the distance from Earth to the moon.[3]

DNA, together with its cellular support mechanisms, constitutes a sophisticated information storage, retrieval and processing system such that a single fertilised human egg cell has the genetic information to instruct itself to form a complete human being with 100 billion precisely-ordered brain cells, each with up to 10,000 connections. That makes an incomprehensible 1,000-trillion connections—each of them perfectly ordered. These give us the ability to plan, design, love and experience and exhibit our emotions in all their many forms.

Clearly, information cannot come about by chance; it must be put into a system.

During the process of reproduction, bundles of DNA molecules (chromosomes) from each parent combine to form the offspring. The very nature of a creature is determined by its DNA and this assures that each living thing will reproduce after its own kind as stated in the Bible. God created life in “kinds”; this is mentioned ten times in Genesis chapter 1. So for the continuation of kinds, then each form of life must reproduce according to its kind and DNA guarantees that this will happen.


For the Bible to be true, even though it was written thousands of years ago, it must be consistent with the established facts of modern science. This is the case, and I have devoted a whole chapter in my book A Defence of the Bible[4] to this fact, but let me mention a few here. All references are cited in my book.

Cosmologists have confirmed that the universe is expanding. The fact that God stretches (makes ongoing or makes continuous) the heavens is mentioned in the Bible nine times.[5]

The Bible states that when God had finished His act of creation, no more creation took place. This fact is corroborated by the First Law of Thermodynamics which simply put, says that matter cannot be created or destroyed. Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 means that matter and energy are interchangeable, but the total must remain constant. The Second Law maintains that for a closed system, like the universe, order must go to disorder and this is what is observed and stated in the Bible.[6]

Isaiah[7] tells us that the earth is round and Job[8] says it is hanging on nothing. Luke[9] infers that it is rotating with day and night being present at the same time. For this to happen, the earth would have to be rotating otherwise the side facing the sun would be baked and the other side frozen. Ocean currents were discovered by Matthew Maury after he read psalm 8:8 and the hydrologic cycle (water evaporating from the oceans and falling as rain) is described in five books of the Bible.[10] Genesis chapter 2 tells of how God made Eve from one of Adam’s rib bones. The rib bone is the only bone in the human body that will re-grow if it has been removed. Newly born babies can suffer from uncontrollable bleeding in the first seven days of life because they have low levels of a blood clotting factor; vitamin K. God told Abraham to circumcise all baby boys on the eighth day after birth.[11]


Archaeology has confirmed many of the people, places and events mentioned in the Bible. The Hittites are mentioned 47 times in the Bible even though there had never been any trace of their existence. However, in 1906 German explorers while excavating in Turkey, uncovered five temples, magnificent sculptures and over 10,000 clay tablets and announced that the Hittites had been found. Similarly for the great ancient cities of Babylon and Nineveh which feature prominently in the Bible, their ruins were unearthed during the nineteenth century. The water spout that David’s men climbed in order to get into Jerusalem[12] and Hezekiah’s tunnel which was constructed in 700 BC[13] can be viewed today although they were not discovered until the nineteenth century. An ostracon (writing on pottery) unearthed by G J Reisner in 1910 contained an inscription written in ancient Hebrew identifying the clan and district name of seven of the offspring of Joseph’s son Manasseh (Jacob’s grandson). The Merneptah Stele, the Taylor Prism, the Nabonidus Chronicle, a Babylonian Chronicle, the Cyrus Cylinder, the Cyrus Inscription, the Pilate Inscription and the High Priest Caiaphas’ Ossuary all confirm the Bible is a historical record.

Uniqueness of the Bible

The Bible is like no other book in all literature. About 40 writers including kings, farmers, prophets, fishermen, a tax collector, a doctor, a Rabbi, a cupbearer, a military General, and others, wrote it over a period of 1,600 years. It was written on three continents (Asia, Africa[14] and Europe) and in three languages (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek)—but it is one coherent account from start to finish with salvation through faith in Jesus Christ as its central theme.

The Bible is thought of so highly by many people that billions of copies have been printed; it is the most widely published book ever. It has been translated whole or in part into 2,546 languages[15] which cover 95% of the world’s population.[16]

The people of the Bible

The Bible is unique among ancient literature in that it lays bare the lives of its people, nothing is covered up and everything is exposed for all to read. Even the transgressions of its most prominent people are not glossed over.

The faithful Abraham was obedient to God’s instruction to leave his homeland and go to a place where God would show him and for which, God promised to bless him with land and numerous descendants.[17] But when no promised child was forthcoming from his aging wife’s womb, in disbelief of God’s promise, he took a servant girl to bare this child.[18] Abraham’s wife Sarah bore him God’s promised child, Isaac, 14 years later.[19]

The patriarch Jacob deceived his father Isaac into giving him his blessing.[20]

Moses who courageously and obediently led the Children of Israel out of Egypt, but while doing so lost his temper and struck the rock which God had told him to speak to so that water would gush out for the thirsty people, was banned from entering into the Promised Land because of his disobedience.[21]

The mighty King David through whose line the promised Messiah would come, the sweet psalmist who wrote so eloquently in praise and worship of God, the man who was described as being “a man after God’s own heart” committed adultery, deception and ordered the murder of a faithful soldier in an attempt to cover his crime.[22]

When Solomon became king, God offered to give him whatever he desired. Solomon chose wisdom so that he could lead his people.[23] However, the same man took for himself horses from Egypt and many wives which God had specifically forbidden.[24]

The great apostle Peter who through faith, got out of the fishing boat and walked on water towards Jesus,[25] denied his association with Jesus three times.[26]

No other piece of ancient literature exposes the weakness of its heroes. In the writings of antiquity they all appear faultless. But the Bible is different, the truth is told, “warts and all.”

God’s Chosen People

God promised Abram (Abraham) that He would give his descendants the land of Canaan as an everlasting possession.[27] This promise, which was unconditional, was repeated to Abraham’s son Isaac[28] and then to Isaac’s second son Jacob[29] whose name God changed to Israel. The twelve tribes that descended from his sons were known as the twelve tribes of Israel and collectively known as Israelites. In about 900 BC, the nation split into two kingdoms; ten tribes made up the Northern Kingdom which was destroyed by the Assyrians in a series of raids from about 740 BC. The Southern Kingdom consisted of the large tribe of Judah and the smaller tribe of Benjamin. The larger tribe dominated and its citizens became known as Jews. The Southern Kingdom was captured by the Babylonians and their city, Jerusalem, fell in 586 BC and the remaining people were taken into exile. Seventy years after the first deportation, a large group of people returned to their land and re-built Jerusalem and the Temple. They survived the conquests of Alexander and were under Roman occupation at the time of Christ.

As a result of the first Jewish uprising, the Roman army destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in AD 70. After the second Jewish uprising (AD132-135) the Romans removed the Jews from their homeland and over time, they literally went to the four corners of the world. At the same time the Romans renamed the land Syria Palestina which later became anglicised to Palestine.

Even though the Jews were dispersed, they remained a clearly identifiable group of people; this feature is unique to the Jews and to no other group. It has been used to terrible effect by despots and tyrants down through the centuries. They have always desired to go back to their homeland, praying at the Passover meal, that next year they will celebrate it in Jerusalem.

In modern times, the first steps in this process commenced in November 1917, when Lord Belfour stated that it was Britain’s desire to establish a “national homeland for the Jewish people.” After the holocaust of the Second World War during which 6 million Jews were exterminated, the United Nations issued a decree effective May 1948, providing a very small parcel of Palestine including part of Jerusalem, as a Jewish state. Jews relocated to Israel in great numbers as a result of 1813 years of dispersion and genocide. God’s original promise to Abraham about 4,000 years ago remained true.

Christ’s resurrection

The Bible gives many prophesies concerning the fact that the Christ will rise from the dead. Jesus told His followers on at least three occasions, that He would rise from the dead[30] and the Bible makes it very clear that He did. Therefore the credibility of the Bible and indeed Christianity itself depends on this very fact.

The evidence of Christ’s resurrection is overwhelming; please consider:

At the insistence of the Jews, Pilate gave permission for the tomb to be guarded and sealed to prevent the disciples from stealing his body and pretending that he rose. In doing so, they provided strong evidence for Christ’s resurrection.

The large stone was removed while the tomb was guarded. This was not to allow Jesus to leave, but rather to allow the women and disciples to see the empty tomb.

The tomb was empty. No body has ever been produced. It would have been very easy for the Jews to disprove the resurrection by simply producing His body. No one has been able to do this in 2,000 years.

The grave clothes were intact, that is they were not unwound which would have been very difficult anyway as they were saturated with 34 kilograms (75 pounds) of myrrh and aloes; a very sticky mixture.

His resurrection was a surprise; none of Jesus’ disciples expected Him to rise. In fact Luke[31] reports that when He appeared to them, they were terrified and frightened and supposed they had seen a spirit.

The testimony of a hostile witness is always compelling evidence; in this case, Saul of Tarsus, who despised Jesus and persecuted His followers. However, when the risen Christ appeared to him on the road to Damascus, he believed with a passion and became one of the greatest proponents and propagators of Christianity.

The Bible records eleven post-resurrection appearances of Jesus and in fact, He appeared to 500 people at once. Paul[32] states that if any doubt His resurrections, then most of these witnesses were still alive and confirmation could be obtained quickly.

Two of Jesus’ brothers did not believe in His Messiahship during His earthly life and yet, after His resurrection, they both believed and wrote letters (James and Jude) which are part of the Bible.

Of all of the people who would know for certain if Jesus really did rise, would be His disciples and tradition tells us that each gave his life (with the exception of John) because of that truth. Would you give your life for something that you knew was a lie?

There can be no doubt; Jesus rose from the dead.

Written evidence from outside the Bible

During Jesus’s death by crucifixion, the Bible states that darkness came over the land and lasted for three hours; this was evident to all who were in the area and it could not be ignored. His resurrection was proof of His deity and gave rise to Christianity which spread rapidly throughout the Roman Empire. These points and more have been corroborated by non-Christian Roman and Greek historians and a Jewish historian[33] and can be summarised as follows:

Jesus’ death by crucifixion was confirmed by Josephus, the Babylonian Talmud, Lucian and Tacitus, and alluded to by Mara Bar Serapion. The fact that this occurred when Pontius Pilate was Governor of Judea, was stated by Tacitus and Josephus and under the reign of Tiberius Caesar by Phlegon and Tacitus.

The darkness that came during the crucifixion has been mentioned by Thallus, Phlegon and Africanus.

His worship by Christians who followed His teaching has been confirmed by Josephus, Lucian and Suetonius. Further, Pliny states that they worshipped Christ as deity.

The fact that He was a powerful and revered teacher was stated by the Babylonian Talmud and implied by Lucian and Pliny.

His performance of miraculous feats was indicated by Josephus and the Babylonian Talmud.

That His followers were prepared to suffer the vilest of torture and death rather than reject Him has been confirmed by Tacitus and Pliny. The fact that Christianity started in Judea was mentioned by Tacitus.

Only the extracts of Josephus can be open to question since they have been handed down by Christian scribes. The others were handed down through Roman and Greek scribes and are free from any allegations of tampering.

The Bible’s influence on people and nations

Through belief in the God of the Bible many people, societies and nations have been changed dramatically over the last 2,000 years:

Personal change

In 386 Augustine of Hippo heard a childlike voice saying “take up and read” which he knew was referring to the Bible. He opened it and read Romans Chapters 12-15 in which Pauls tells how the word of God can change lives and it changed his.[34]

Martin Luther was plagued by his own sin until he read that people can be declared righteous through faith in Christ.[35]

Through the centuries thousands of people have been set free from addictions that have bound them, such as alcohol, drugs, gambling or pornography, by crying out to Jesus.

Social change

Missionaries carried the Word of God far and wide. William Carey, when he was in India played a part in ending the practice of wives being burnt to death on the same funeral pyre as their dead husbands. Missionary to China, Lottie Moon successfully opposed the bandaging of children’s feet in order to keep them small. Other missionaries countered cannibalism and child sacrifice with the word of God. The Slave Trade in England and its Empire was brought to an end by Bible believing Christian, William Wilberforce when his Abolition of Slavery Bill successfully passed through Parliament in1833. Christian writer, Harriet Beecher Stowe played a significant part in raising public awareness and abhorrence of the slave trade in both the USA and England with her book; Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Abraham Lincoln credited her with bringing on the American Civil War which ended slavery.

The YMCA, The Red Cross, Alcoholics Anonymous, and hundreds of orphanages were commenced by people acting on what they read in the Word of God.

The preaching of the Bible by Jonathan Edwards and others, lead to the Great Awakening of the 1730s and 1740s. It started in the American colonies and was carried to Europe by George Whitefield. It convicted people of personal sin which could only be forgiven by faith in Jesus Christ.

The Word of God had such a dramatic affect during the Welsh revival of 1904 and 5 that crime was so diminished that judges were presented with white gloves signifying that there were no cases of murder, assault, rape, robbery or the like to consider. The police became ‘unemployed’ in many districts.[36]

National change

British Common Law is based on the Bible. It had been exported to all previous Empire countries including India, Malta, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and their citizens were secure in the justice it provided.

The United States of America was founded on the Word of God; In God we Trust is their foundation stone. Millions of refugees have found shelter within her borders and her system of justice.

A sad footnote must be added. As western countries start to reject the Bible for their guidance, and their moral basis, their social fabric is beginning to crumble. Since the mid nineteen sixties, the rate of crime, murders, rape, divorce, children born out of wedlock, children on the street, obesity, abortions and suicide have soared, which, in itself, only confirms the relevance of the Bible. Coincidentally, in 1963 as a result of a legal challenge from atheist Madeline O’Hair Murray, the US Supreme Court ruled that school-sponsored Bible reading and prayer be banned in all US public schools.


The ten evidences given are stated facts which are not open to interpretation, for the Bible is true and can be trusted. But there is more; the Bible is relevant for us today, not only does it give direction for living, such as Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount,[37] and Paul’s letter to the church in Rome,[38] it is God’s story also, of how He saves people from their sins. It speaks of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who came from Heaven to pay the penalty for sin through his death and how He conquered death by rising from the grave. The Bible tells us that when we die, we will face God’s judgment[39] and this will determine who will spend eternity in heaven and who will spend it in @#!*% . Jesus calls you to repent of, and turn from your sins[40] and believe in Him for the saving of your soul.[41]

Simply tell Jesus you want His forgiveness for your sins and ask Him to take control of your life.

The next steps:

Talk to a Christian friend or pastor, find a Bible study group and look around for a Bible-believing church that honors Jesus. Other Christians are now your brothers and sisters in Christ; get to know your family.

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