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Did dinosaurs really become extinct 65 million years ago?


We are told in school text books, magazines, television documentaries and nature films; in fact, from every source of secular information that we receive, that dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. It is presented as a known fact of science, equivalent to say, everything falls to the ground because of gravity, except, it is not science. Science is studying the here and now; performing an experiment and observing the result. What happened in the past can never be proven. So, when a palaeontologist holds a piece of bone in his hand, he can only make assumptions about it.

In a previous blog;, I provided compelling evidence in the form of images of soft tissue, blood vessels and even red blood cells in dinosaur remains. Further studies of dinosaur bones have found red blood cells in over 30 other dinosaurs. All of which, is powerful evidence that dinosaurs must have died out only hundreds of years, or only a few thousand years ago and not millions. This being the case, they could have co-existed with mankind and there is a large body of evidence, part of which is presented below, to support this.

Dinosaurs co-existed with humans

Dennis Fields, a former missionary to Far North Queensland’s Kuku Yalanji tribespeople, told the Answers in Genesis ministry in Australia[1] some years ago, of a story the elders of the tribe told him, of a creature called Yarru (or Yarrba). The tribe inhabits the rainforest regions, where there are a number of waterholes in which, in earlier days, Yarru was said to live. There is a story of how the Yarru devoured a young maiden. The missionary asked one of the tribe’s artists to paint the story for him. The tribal artist, with very little formal education, had no knowledge of what so-called prehistoric animals looked like, and was drawing only from the descriptions handed down in the ancient stories. What he drew (below left) was clearly a Plesiosaur as shown in the image, right. But, evolutionists tell us they became extinct 66 million years ago.

Vance Nelson has produced an extremely well presented book on the subject.[2] He gives 24 examples of dinosaur etchings drawings etc, in his book. Almost everyone was personally investigated by him and are from both North and South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and Scandinavia. He even supplied carbon 14 analysis of dinosaur bones which placed the sample in the biblical time frame and excluded the generally accepted 65 million years.

Only one from his 24 examples is given here as space does not permit more. It is taken from Carlisle Cathedral in England and this etching is on the tomb of Bishop Richard Bell who died in 1496. The dinosaur below the etching, is a sauropod. The likeness is undeniable.

For a very comprehensive photographic display of over 60 such depictions from many countries, go to: An example of what is presented on this website follows:

Deep in the jungles of Cambodia are ornate temples and palaces from the Khmer civilization. One such temple, Ta Prohm abounds with stone statues and reliefs. Almost every square inch of the gray sandstone is covered with ornate, detailed carvings. These depict familiar animals like monkeys, deer, water buffalo, parrots, and lizards. However, one column contains an intricate carving of a stegosaur-like creature. The picture is courtesy of Don Patton.

But how could artisans decorating an 800 year old Buddhist temple know what a dinosaur looked like? Western science only began assembling dinosaurs skeletons in the past two centuries. So before then, nobody knew what dinosaurs looked like, unless they had seen them alive. In fact, the name dinosaur was coined by Sir Richard Qwen only in 1841.

Are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible?

Towards the end of the book of Job, God puts a series of questions to Job to show him the utter futility of questioning the omnipotent, omniscient creator God. Not only did God alone create the great beasts but He can control them as well.

In Job 40:15-24, God points Job to the behemoth, the Hebrew meaning of the name appears to be “colossal beast” and from verses 15-19 God gives a description of the behemoth:

… feeds on grass like an ox… his strength is in his loins … his force is in the naval of his belly…his tail sways like a cedar … the sinews of his thighs are tightly knit… his bones are strong as tubes of brass… his limbs are like bars of iron.

Some commentators claim that the behemoth is a hippopotamus, but the description; his tail sways like a cedar rules this out, but it is consistent with a dinosaur. Verse 19 states that it is the chief of the ways of God which suggests that it is the largest of God’s creatures and this also, is a strong pointer to a dinosaur. The largest creatures to ever walk the earth are group of dinosaurs known as sauropods. One is depicted on Richard Bell’s tomb above and it matches the description in Job very closely.

Another nail in the coffin of evolution

If dinosaurs died out only hundreds of years ago, then evolutionists have a huge problem, because they believe all birds evolved from dinosaurs and they require millions of years for this to have happened. Of course, evolution did not happen anyway because everything is running down and heading in the opposite direction to what evolution requires.


There is rock-solid evidence in the form of soft tissue, blood vessels and even red blood cells found in dinosaur remains that dinosaurs died out only hundreds of years ago. In addition to this, are engravings, sculptures and drawings made by people from across the globe, again only hundreds of years ago. These evidences are irrefutable and stand in stark contrast to the supposed millions of years required for the evolution story, but they support the biblical account of God’s creation, with every creature reproducing after its own kind.

[1] Their name has now changed to Creation Ministries International; For the full story go to:

[2] Vance Nelson, Untold Secrets of Planet Earth, Dire Dragons, April 2011. Available from Creation Ministries International.


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  • Clifton Gerber
    July 18, 2020 11:24 am

    For years I have chosen to believe that dinosaurs live or have lived hundreds of years ago instead of millions. It has been said 90% of the ocean is still get to be explored. My hope is that If their is still dinosaurs they would not be found. Men kill.


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